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Ianislav Mitkov Iliev

                             I was born on 4th of March 1969 in Pleven.
    I finished high school  in my home town in Mathematical High School “ Geo Milev”.
    After this I studied in Military school “Vassil Levski” in Veliko Tarnovo.
    After graduation I started my career as a officer in the Bulgarian Army , meanwhile graduating the Technical University  “ Vasil Aprilov” in Gabrovo.
    At the same time the idea of Eddiesoft  was born . In the end of 1998 I quit the army and create "Eddiesoft".
    The  firm is occupied with mobile communication . Another activity of the firm is  the creation of untraditional electrical devices – hardware and software by client’s request it creates light advertisement and blocks for their light effects,video monitoring...
    These activities last  until the 25th  of September when  I went  through a car crash and broke two of my spinal segments . As a result I spent nearly  half a year in hospital fighting for my life with the help of doctors and my family.
    The consequence is first group of disability with a attendant . In the moment I’m fighting to retrieve the ability of moving my legs again . This is the reason to close down my firm.
   After my partial recovery on 17th of September I created “Eddiesoft Ia” Ltd  the activities of the firm are the same as the previous and include a few extra ones as psychological consultations carrying out  lectures. Creating html pages.

Contacts :
Tel: 0899 19 05 70

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