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Ianislav Iliev



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Behind  EDDIESoft stands one man – Ianislav Illiev

  I was born on the 4th of March, 1969 in the city of Pleven, Bulgaria.

  I finished Geo Milev School of Mathematics in Pleven and later graduated Vasil Levski National Military University in Veliko Tirnovo, Master’s Degree and started my career as an army officer in the Bulgarian army. Meanwhile I graduated Vasil Aprilov Technical University of Gabrovo.

  The idea of opening my own business was on my mind and in the end of 1998 I quitted my job in the army and established EDDIESoft Sole Proprietor business, the activities being mainly in the field of mobile communications. Another type of activity is developing custom made non standard electronic equipment, hardware and software, light ads, video surveillance, etc.

  It was very unfortunate that on September 25, 2007 I had a bad car accident, resulting in 2 broken and severely damaged thoracic vertebra. For more that half a year highly qualified doctors fought for my life, supported by my family.

  Now I am officially certified with high extent of disability requiring assistant care.

  However I have been working hard and managed to recover the good health condition of my arms. I am working on improving the condition of my legs and strongly believe in my successful total recovery. Recently I passed a medical check-up and the doctors were greatly surprised by the good results I have achieved.

  I am a good professional and am looking forward to your orders for development and execution of electronic devices and equipment.

  Test me and you will trust me!